Wednesday , January 27 2021

Delivery platforms: new call to freeze restaurant fees

The official opposition to the City of Montreal joins its voice to that of Mayor Valérie Plante and asks Quebec to impose a temporary cap on delivery companies that charge substantial fees to restaurants.

An idea that the Prime Minister says he is ready to study, but that he sees with difficulty.

According to the interim leader of the official opposition in Montreal, Lionel Perez, “the curfew in addition to confinement as part of government measures does not make life easier for Montreal restaurateurs.”

“We ask the City of Montreal to put pressure on the Quebec government to impose a 15% cap on the fees charged by delivery platforms such as UberEats, DoorDash or Skip until the end of the pandemic” , adds the leader of Ensemble Montreal in a press release.

This ceiling would be established on the customer’s order. A delivery of $ 100 could therefore not generate costs of more than $ 15 to the restaurant.

Already last week, the mayoress herself demanded that the government of Quebec act on this issue. According to her, “the costs that delivery companies charge are very high.”

Ensemble Montréal will table a motion at the next municipal council meeting at the end of January. In the meantime, Mr. Perez is satisfied with the support of the administration.

“We are going to speak with one voice,” he says.

Quebec cold?

However, the demands of the Montreal municipal parties seem to have hit a wall in Quebec. Asked Monday evening about his intention to limit these costs, Prime Minister François Legault was hesitant.

“We can watch, but in practice, it would not be easy,” he agreed during a press briefing in Montreal.

Mr. Perez maintains that the provincial government has no choice but to get involved in the current economic climate. “We want an economy where market rules apply,” he says. In a usual context, it is true that the government should not interfere in this free market. But, currently, we do not have a free market. “

According to data from Restaurants Canada at the end of the year, half of Canadian restaurateurs could go out in the next six months.

In the morning, Tuesday, a restaurateur dropped off a request for collective action in Superior Court, in order to require large food delivery platforms not to impose delivery costs above 15% of the total order.

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