Friday , January 15 2021

Bolsonaro’s son puts Trump in profile picture on Twitter

MP Eduardo Bolsonaro, deputy son of the Brazilian president, replaced his profile photo on Twitter with an image of Donald Trump, excluded from this social network after the violence that took place on Wednesday at the Capitol.

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“After a detailed analysis of the AUTHORITY ACTS OF TWITTER and the way in which they are interpreted (…), I WILL USE A PHOTO OF TRUMP permanently”, wrote Sunday evening the MP, who is chairman of the committee of External relations of the Chamber of Deputies.

Third son of President Jair Bolsonaro, Eduardo, 36, inset a photo of the smiling US president on his profile, with the US flag in the background.

An attitude that according to several media has been badly perceived by many members of the Brazilian diplomatic corps from a deputy who occupies such a symbolic position in Parliament.

Eduardo Bolsonaro had been approached in the past for the post of Brazilian ambassador to Washington, but his father had finally given up on appointing him after an avalanche of criticism over his lack of qualifications.

Twitter permanently suspended Donald Trump’s account on Friday because of the “risk of further incitement to violence,” two days after his supporters stormed the Capitol. Facebook, Instagram and other social networks have also suspended the accounts of the outgoing US president, indefinitely.

Saturday, Eduardo Bolsonaro had already criticized this decision, affirming that “a world where Maduro has social networks but Trump is suspended from it is not normal”.

His father Jair Bolsonaro was the last leader of a G20 country to congratulate Joe Biden on his presidential victory in November.

Thursday, the day after the violence on Capitol Hill, the Brazilian president relayed the accusations of “fraud” of Donald Trump, also questioning the legitimacy of the vote in the United States.

He also warned that his country would have “an even worse problem than the United States” if it continued to use a voting system with electronic ballot boxes in the 2022 presidential election.

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