Tuesday , January 12 2021

Baie-Comeau: towards a diversification of the production of the Resolute paper mill?

A study to diversify the production of the Résolu paper mill in Baie-Comeau has just been launched after several weeks of seeking funding.

The first results of the study will be known within a month.

With the paper mill closed since the end of March due to the drastic drop in global newsprint sales, this is an ideal time to launch a product diversification study.

The contract was awarded for US $ 25,000 to Afry, a world-class engineering, design and consulting firm.

“Based on the results, we’ll talk to Resolute. The company will tell us such and such a product, we have already studied it for such and such a paper mill, it works or it does not work, it takes on such and such a characteristic that we don’t have ”, thus mentioned the president of the revival committee of the paper mill, Marcel Furlong.

“But there are others [résultats] that Resolute will say: it is worth exploring because it could complete our offer ”he continued.

The second phase of the study will look at the feasibility of the three or four products chosen during the first phase and their cost of implementation.

Analysis of each new product will cost US $ 50,000.

“He plans to replace plastic with products made from wood. There is even talk of plastic packaging replaced by wood fiber. There are many things that are developing [à travers le monde]”, Underlined Marcel Furlong.

He maintains that the study will not be endangered if the newsprint markets recover.

This opportunity study was funded by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Resolute, ID Manicouagan, the City of Baie-Comeau and the Chamber of Commerce.


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