Friday , January 15 2021

Relieved guardian angels

The ban on gatherings during the Holiday season has caused a sigh of relief among health network professionals who believe that this measure will help slow the progression of the coronavirus.

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“It’s more of a relief. No doubt that it will reduce the cases of contamination if the measure is respected ”, argued the Dr Guy Boivin, full professor in the department of microbiology-immunology and infectiology of the Faculty of Medicine of Laval University.

He believes that the new restriction will allow caregivers to breathe a bit.

“I say thank you for the cancellation of these holidays since we, angels of health, are already at the end of the line,” reacted Nathalie Roy, a beneficiary attendant in Victoriaville.

At the Quebec Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ), we also welcome the termination of the gatherings announced Thursday with “a feeling of relief,” confirmed the president of the union organization, Nancy Bédard.

“We must protect the healthcare professionals who have been on the front line for more than eight months, limit the pressure currently exerted in hospitals and protect the Quebec population,” she replied by email.

Give yourself a chance

At a press briefing on Thursday, François Legault warned that the next three months will be “the worst of the pandemic”.

Thus, even if “the nursing staff does not have less work after the Holidays, at least we give ourselves the chance that the hospitals are not completely overwhelmed”, underlines the president of the Federation of health and social services ( FSSS-CSN), Jeff Begley

“I think that’s really the right thing to do,” added Begley.

The Federation of Specialist Physicians of Quebec (FMSQ) and the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec also welcomed the decision.

This “will help protect the population while waiting for vaccines,” FMSQ president Diane Francoeur said on Twitter.

For Denis Cloutier, president of the Union of Healthcare Professionals of the East of the Island of Montreal, the government’s announcement is comforting to say the least, although he is convinced that some Quebecers will ignore the rules. and will come together.

Faced with this new government ban, will the population respect the health rules for the Holidays?

“She’s the great unknown,” said the Dr Guy Boivin. We’ll find out on January 10. ”

– With Clara Loiseau

What to tell them?

The president of the Order of Psychologists, Christine Grou, offers 5 tips for announcing the ban on Christmas gatherings to children:

  • Avoid dramatization. The news must be presented to them calmly;
  • Remember that following the rules now will prevent 2021 from looking like 2020;
  • Remember that this is to help the already very tired staff in hospitals and to allow sick people to seek treatment quickly;
  • Offer a family night “like in a magic lamp”. The idea is to invent scenarios;
  • Allow teens to be part of the solution rather than forcing them to settle.

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