Friday , January 15 2021

Obama, Bush and Clinton ready to be publicly vaccinated against COVID-19

WASHINGTON | President-elect Joe Biden and former US presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton have said they are ready to be publicly vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to encourage their fellow citizens to do the same.

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Barack Obama, 59, said he “fully trusted” the country’s health authorities, including immunologist Anthony Fauci, a highly respected scientific figure in the United States.

“If Anthony Fauci tells me that this vaccine is safe and can protect against COVID, I will not hesitate to get it injected,” he said in a radio interview with SiriusXM, excerpts of which were shared on Wednesday. on Youtube.

“I promise that when it becomes available to less vulnerable people, I will get the vaccine. I could do it on TV or have it filmed, so people can see that I trust science, ”he added.

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A tribune in the Washington post called on President-elect Joe Biden, 78, and future Vice President Kamala Harris, 56, to get vaccinated live on television to convince skeptics, many in the United States about the speed of vaccine development against COVID-19.

Asked about the matter, Joe Biden said on Thursday that he would be “happy” to be vaccinated in public as soon as Dr Fauci recommends doing so.

A representative for George W. Bush told CNN that the 74-year-old former Republican president was also willing to promote COVID-19 vaccines.

“The vaccines must first have been found to be safe and given to priority populations,” said representative, Freddy Ford. “President Bush will then wait his turn and be gladly vaccinated in front of the cameras.”

Bill Clinton spokesman Angel Urena also told CNN that the former Democratic president, also 74, would get vaccinated publicly “if that could make all Americans do the same.”

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