Sunday , January 24 2021

Death of Anne Sylvestre, feminist and children’s singer

Singer Anne Sylvestre, whose feminist works have often remained in the shadow of the success of her musical tales for children, died Monday at the age of 86, “from a stroke”, told AFP on Tuesday Sébastien d’Assigny, his historic press attaché.

Known mainly for her “fabulettes” for children – which earned her to have left her name to schools – her repertoire is also rich in more committed songs, such as “No, you don’t have a name” (1973), on abortion, two years before the Veil law.

She had a tour scheduled to perform her show “New Rides”, including four dates at La Cigale in January 2021.

Throughout her career, she was interested in the facts of society, and in particular in the condition of women, claiming the term of singer “feminist”, which was sometimes heavy to bear: “I suppose that it slowed me down in my career. because I was the pain in the ass, but my gosh, if that was the price to pay… ”

She also championed the cause of same-sex marriage in “Gay, marions-nous!” in 2007.

Never at the top of the bill but still very present in the French musical landscape since the end of the 1950s, Anne Sylvestre, embodied a song with text, intelligent, ignoring fashions, in the wake of a Guy Béart or ‘a Georges Brassens.

Like them, Anne-Marie Beugras, born in Lyon on June 20, 1934, made her debut in a cabaret on the left bank in Paris. Under the pseudonym Anne Sylvestre, she became one of the first women to write and compose her songs, alongside Nicole Louvier or Hélène Martin.

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