Vincent Chiara invests in Alexandre Tagliani’s project

The president of Groupe Mach, Vincent Chiara, is convinced of this: the concept of an entertainment center presented by pilot Alexandre Tagliani this week has “tremendous development potential” that could quickly be reproduced throughout Quebec.

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Even this successful businessman, who wanted to buy Transat, would welcome the fact that the amusement complex included the Quartier des Lumières, this huge residential and commercial project in downtown Montreal, under development on the Radio-Canada site.

The president of Groupe Mach, Vincent Chiara.

Photo Jean-Sébastien Cossette

The president of Groupe Mach, Vincent Chiara.

” Why not ? he replies when asked about the subject. It is definitely a possibility. We’ve discussed this before and it could definitely be interesting. […] Nothing in the zoning would prevent us, to my knowledge. “

Shadow investor

The one who made his fortune in real estate is one of the investors behind the TAG E-Karting & amusement center, from racing driver Alex Tagliani.

The $ 18M project under construction will occupy 65,000 sq. Ft.2 from Plaza Sainte-Thérèse, a Mach property near Highway 15.

In addition to offering the first multi-level electric karting tracks in the country, the center will offer an interactive 7D cinema, a laser game arena, interactive trampolines, six ax throwing lanes, six other bowling lanes, a multisensory virtual reality and two food courts.

In Montreal, Quebec and elsewhere

In this era where shopping centers, cinemas and even city centers are looking for a way to increase their attractiveness, Vincent Chiara believes that Alex Tagliani’s project has every chance of finding a buyer quickly.

“The Montreal area alone could have up to four, in his opinion. Then, I would certainly see one in Quebec City, another in Sherbrooke, then obviously one in Trois-Rivières, where people are passionate about racing. “

The latter is all the more convinced of this, since the concept from which the Quebec runner was inspired has already been proven elsewhere. Some even bear the name of the famous Andretti family. It was the visit, with Alex, to one of these centers, near Boston, which finally convinced Mr. Chiara to invest in this adventure.

It got serious

“At first, I thought I was mainly involved in supporting it,” he says. But by dint of taking an interest in it, it became a lot more serious. I saw it as a real business opportunity capable of meeting not only the needs of my shopping centers, but also those of others. ”

Before launching, Alex Tagliani was able to convince a whole group of six seasoned entrepreneurs. All have agreed to become shareholders alongside him.

In addition to Mr. Chiara, the group of investors includes among others Richard Scofield (President of the St-Hubert Group) and Mario Bouchard (ex-CEO of iBwave Solutions).

A “dream team” from which Alex Tagliani says he wants to drink as much as possible to refine his project.

“Our biggest challenge will be to manage demand. And to do it well, it will have to be managed like a Swiss watch, ”he tells us.

Obviously, behind the businessman is always the racing driver.

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