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Did you know that idleness contributes to your happiness? At least that’s what a group of experts in the field claims. Not only would taking the time to take a break would be most beneficial, but the Dutch concept of doing nothing, known as the Niksen, also makes it possible to be more productive and creative afterwards.

If, due to the pandemic, you work from home and constantly juggle telecommuting and household chores, without having a moment to clear your mind, perhaps now is the time to take a breather. Afraid of wasting your precious time like this? Not really. In fact, even in the midst of inactivity, scientific research proves that our brains keep working. In addition, once relaxed, it would be easier to make decisions, which allows for greater productivity.

If it is not necessarily well seen to brag about doing nothing, on the other hand in the Netherlands, whose inhabitants are in the famous list of the happiest people in the world, it is easy to display your idleness.

While most of us are short on time, and we are constantly challenged by our smart devices jumping from activity to activity, even on weekends, to the point of stress and anxiety , the Niksen, meanwhile, allows a certain form of balance. After a break, you will have a clearer mind allowing you to face daily challenges. It is also a way to let your intuition and your subconscious work.

Without feeling guilty

For the hyperactive, the most difficult of the concept is to manage to do nothing without feeling guilty. It’s hard to take a break, especially when you have an endless list of things to do. To achieve this, the Niksen must be seen as a moment of recovery that the body needs. It is your mental and physical health that is at stake. For some, relaxing means watching a good movie, interacting on social media, or reading a good book. Sure, these are nice respites, but the Niksen is something else entirely. You absolutely have to give free rein to your mind and allow it to wander without having to concentrate. Taking a quiet walk, not listening to the radio while driving, and learning to meditate are examples of Niksen. It is also that to dream in silence and imagine your next trip to the sun.

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Compassion and empathy

While some people exploit the vulnerability of others to profit from them, there are others who know how to bear witness to the distress of others. In his book, author Serge Tisseron, psychiatrist and author of around twenty books, invites his readers to be vigilant by avoiding the pitfalls of compassion. It also explains the nuances between compassion and empathy, which differ between Westerners and Eastern tradition. Empathy incorporates the ability to identify and understand the emotions of others and even feel them. In addition to the semantic aspect, to which the author attaches too much importance, the fact remains that it would be in everyone’s interest to show more compassion towards the most disadvantaged and to show our empathy towards them. of those who suffer. Here manipulation has no place. Respect others and show kindness, that’s what you need to remember.

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The bible of massage

Abundantly illustrated, this encyclopedia, which has more than 500 illustrations, presents everything there is to know about massages to pamper yourself or treat yourself. We know straight away that stress, anxiety and fatigue cause various physical problems, including circulatory problems, back pain and even headaches, which plague the lives of many. Easy to perform, some massages can eliminate physical problems that have persisted for several years. The authors who are masseurs and physiotherapists have also thought of integrating self-massage techniques that allow muscle relaxation and self-healing. Various techniques are available, in particular acupressure and several others borrowed from osteopathy, reflexology or physiotherapy. By eliminating various muscular tensions, we will inevitably find the desire to move after having returned to relaxation. The virtues of essential oils are also demystified.


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