Québec solidaire proposes to impose a “pandemic tax”

Companies that got richer during the pandemic should pay a special tax, say Quebec solidaire activists who demanded on Sunday that the richest Quebecers and the most polluting companies also help to absorb the deficit caused by COVID-19.

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Activists, gathered at a virtual congress that concluded on Sunday, voted in favor of an “anti-austerity shield” made up of a series of measures aimed at generating revenue for the state to avoid a wave austerity in the civil service and services.

Thus, QS proposes to increase by half the tax rate of companies that made significant profits during the pandemic, from 11.6% to 17.4%, with an exception on the first 500,000 $ revenue to protect SMEs.

The plan of the left formation also provides that the greatest fortunes of Quebec would be subject to a tax on their assets. This would start at 0.1% for anyone with more than $ 1 million and climb to 3% for fortunes over $ 1 billion.

A 30% increase in the price per tonne of carbon for major polluters is also proposed.

Taken together, these measures would generate some $ 9 billion per year, which would allow “massive reinvestment” in public services, while financing the post-COVID economic recovery, argued Québec solidaire.

“Quebeckers have done their part. They have already paid for the crisis. They’ve sacrificed enough already. It is the turn of those who took advantage of it to do their fair share and foot the bill, ”said party co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

A recent survey conducted by the firm Abacus Data seems to bring water to the mill of QS activists. According to this probe, 78% of Quebecers would be in favor (41%) or very in favor (37%) of imposing a wealth tax in the country that would target people with at least $ 20 million.


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