COVID-19: clear improvement in our residences and CHSLDs

The new measures introduced by the Legault government and the efforts made by all employees in retirement homes to counter COVID-19 seem to be bearing fruit: fewer and fewer establishments are in a critical situation.

After a gloomy spring, the most recent figures are encouraging with 308 deaths in November. The toll has dramatically decreased over the past month, indicating that the situation is improving.

“We have hired 7,000 patient attendants and we are in the process of completing another co-op of 3,000 attendants. We have our champions in infection prevention and control and we have protective equipment, ”said the Minister responsible for Seniors and Caregivers.

The Marcelle-Ferron Reception Center in Brossard has had difficult weeks lately with 33 deaths, but the trend has been reversed. An employee met by TVA Nouvelles wanted to talk not about the cases of COVID, but rather about the recovered patients.

“Morale is better because there are fewer active cases and fewer cases that are reported each week,” she told TVA Nouvelles noon on Sunday. There are floors where there are none at all.

“It’s been two weeks since the third and fourth floors have had positive cases.”

The situation had deteriorated in institutions for the elderly last spring. In April, more than 2,300 deaths in CHSLDs and private residences were recorded.

In addition to congratulating the colossal work of the employees, the Minister recalls that all the new efforts made by the government are helping greatly.

There were only three establishments in critical condition on Sunday, while there were six as of Friday.

“The staff will continue their efforts. It takes a big heart to work in these circles. We never say thank you enough ”, concludes Blais.

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