24 hours too late to get help

Owners of sports centers in Lanaudière have seen a precious subsidy slip through their fingers for a matter of hours.

“Why let us open one more day if it penalizes us thousands of dollars?” »Asks Michel Landry, owner of the Club sportif 7-77, in Joliette, who says he lost $ 200,000 due to the pandemic.

He is not eligible for a program that grants a non-repayable loan of 80% of the fixed costs to businesses in the red zone for a reason he considers unfair.

The eligibility criteria for the grant are that a business must have been closed by order of Public Health 10 days in a given month.

However, Public Health decided to close its training center on October 23, a day too late for it to be eligible.

The restaurants and bars of the MRCs of Joliette and D’Autray were ordered to cease their activities the day before and do not have this problem.

For gyms, fitness centers, karate schools and yoga studios already shaken by the extended measures, it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

“Why the gyms, we live that, and that the restaurateurs, not? We closed that day because we were told to close that day! »Exclaims Annie Destrempes, at the helm of the Energyform gym in Berthierville.

Because of the schools?

The Ministry of Health explained to the Newspaper that the entry into force of the measures in the red zone was postponed by 24 hours in schools and sports to allow schools to adapt.

The PQ member for Joliette, Véronique Hivon, sees this as nonsense.

” [Ces entrepreneurs] are in the same category as schools and community activities, whereas they are first and foremost business owners, ”she points out.

That they do not have access to the subsidy because their SME was closed nine days and not 10 in October seems to him just as absurd.

“It’s frustrating, because we have often heard Minister Marie-Eve Proulx in the chamber [déléguée au Développement économique régional] answer that the government wanted to be flexible on all kinds of issues related to assistance programs, ”says Mr.me Hivon.

The elected official intends to continue her efforts for the government to review these rules.

To correct the shot

The owner of Center soi yoga studio in Joliette, Mélanie Trudel, believes that there is still time to rectify the situation and grant the non-repayable loan to businesses that were unable to obtain it due to their late closing.

“The government cannot think of everything all the time. But I think he should do a mea culpa and reassess the situation. This is how we operate in a company. “


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