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CULTURE. Until December 13, the Exhibition Showcase of the accounting firm Deloitte will host a limited body of recent works by artist Sylvie Chapdelaine.

A familiar face of the visual arts in Drummondville through several exhibitions, we owe him a production of paintings and watercolors illustrating simple and privileged motifs, drawn from both his imagination and his existence. These become pretexts for a visual research which is constantly renewed through development by series. His manner is lyrical and expressionist. Its colorful harmonies show radiance and refinement.

His works currently on display at the Deloitte Vitrine are no exception to these observations. Starting from the motif of the tree, they break down their respective surfaces into overlaps and overlaps of colored shards, the overall appearance of which borders on abstraction.

On display until December 13 at the exhibition window of the accounting firm Deloitte, this presentation is accessible from outside at all times and from inside, during the opening days and hours of the institution. (EL)

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