She is cured of COVID-19, but still mortgaged

“I am in the statistics of the cured, but there are also the mortgaged, and there are many in titi”, murmurs Violaine Cousineau, unable to raise her voice, choked by shortness of breath.

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Aged 46, mother of two and a French teacher at CEGEP, she describes herself as “extraordinarily in shape before having this damn virus”.

“I was sure if I was sick it would last 10 days and that would be it. I am so healthy, ”she continues.

She contracted COVID-19 in October, from her daughter, following an outbreak at her high school. A place where the Montrealer urges the government to introduce more measures.

For her eldest, the disease had only the appearance of a cold. Violaine Cousineau, meanwhile, experienced a high fever, a big cough and other typical symptoms.

Not even hospitalized

And although she was bedridden for three days, unable to move, she did not need to be hospitalized. She did not go into a coma or have to be intubated to breathe.

“There was nothing serious in my case,” she argues. And yet, six weeks after being officially cured of the coronavirus, she is far from having gotten rid of the after-effects.

Doctors told her she would have “weeks, weeks and weeks” to recover.

His faint trickle of voice is most striking. After only seven minutes on the phone with The newspaper, she had almost completely lost her voice, unable to continue.

“I imagine my voice will come back at some point, I hope… But my lung capacity, I feel it so damaged. I can’t imagine when I’ll be able to walk for an hour again. It’s very disabling, ”she blows.

For now, she will be on sick leave until February. The time to pass “a battery of tests” to check if his organs are affected. Already, she has been detected a heart murmur that requires further investigation, she worries.

This is why she called on Quebecers to be cautious as the holiday season approaches in a video shared on Facebook.

“People might have difficulty making sacrifices for others … but cuddly, let them do it for themselves. Otherwise, there are too many people who will be mortgaged, ”she fears.

Because his case is far from unique. But as she repeats, it is only part of the statistics of the healed people. Which does not give a fair picture of the disease.

Violaine Cousineau | 46 years

  • Reduced lung capacity
  • Heart murmur detected
  • Difficulty walking and speaking

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