Salome Corbo and her chewy malamute

In the midst of the pandemic, Salomé Corbo adopted Chewy, a 5 1⁄2 month old crossbreed malamute, a pretty Nordic puppy for a family project that seems already successful.

1. What is the reason that prompted you to have this dog in your home?

Have a family project during the pandemic: pet therapy, sense of responsibility, “compulsory” outings in the open air, etc. In short, all these things that make a family grow and help mental health …

2. Why did you choose the name Chewy?

Because we are a family of geek and Star wars is our favorite saga. Chewy is the nickname of Chewbacca, whose sounds and cries were inspired, according to legend, by Georges Lucas’ malamute. And especially because he is going to be big and hairy!

3. How to describe your dog’s personality in a few sentences?

It is a small stray dog ​​that arrived alone from Nunavut. He is adorable with humans, especially when begging for food. He has been nicknamed the “beggar”. He is curious and very strong. Besides, walking with him is sport! Fortunately, he already listens well to the instructions.

4. Tell us a funny, unusual or special fact about your animal.

He is afraid of the front door. He systematically refuses to enter the house through this door. You have to go through the back … It’s really strange, because he always wants to explore everything, except the front of the house. Perhaps there is an evil spirit lurking there! Who knows ?

5. Tell us about one of his bad shots.

He destroyed my entire lawn by digging holes in it to hide his doggies … We’re going to have to redo all our landscaping and vegetable garden. Fortunately we were due!

6. What is her favorite activity?

Shoot … it’s a sled dog.

7. What is her favorite place?

Under the picnic table in the yard. It has also been transformed into a niche for the winter.

8. What would you have liked to know before getting this animal?

Nothing more … That’s the adventure!

9. How can your animal be a source of inspiration for you?

I’m playing a mutant mom right now, in The Mutants at Télé-Québec. My character is a mixture of woman-bear-wolf. I watch Chewy a lot to imitate his reflexes, his ways of sniffing, listening in the distance, raising his head. It is really lucky to have it. It’s super inspiring.

10. During confinement, what did your animal bring you in particular?

He arrived in August 2020, precisely to be able to survive the confinement of the 2e wave.

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