Melon, the dating app full of perverts to be avoided by teens

Melon is a mobile dating application where you communicate with strangers via chat and video call. Unfortunately, exhibitionists seem to have taken control of it, something that greatly worries parents of curious teens.

When it is not the Chatroulette or Omegle website that is making the headlines because it is home to pedophiles, perverts and exhibitionists, it is another platform that has come to our attention.

The same story is repeated annoyingly too often: a new application unknown to parents goes viral and goes under the radar until discovered, often by chance.

This is exactly what happened with the Melon application, when a reader of wrote to me to admit to being worried in front of what seemed to him to be a den of perverts. It turns out he was right.

Melon may describe itself as a simple dating app, but its users use it differently.

Lots of unsolicited nudity

Basically, Melon is intended to be a dating app to make friends all over the world via video chats with anyone at the push of a button.

On the other hand, if we take a closer look at the comments of users of the application, we can clearly see that there is something wrong while many denounce the lack of a moderator to filter the content.

We only see men masturbating, it’s disgusting! We should put a robot to detect them and then report them automatically …

It’s pretty disappointing to try to video chat with people while they’re all naked and showing everything. Out of 10, I ended up reporting 9 profiles.

Recommendations that are too easy to circumvent

The creators of the app are not fooled. On the Google Play Store, we can see that Melon is recommended for users aged 17 and over because there is light sexual content and occasional nudity.

However, in the general conditions of the application, it only mentions that children aged 13 and under are not allowed to register. Again, it is very easy for a young person to lie about his year of birth.

To solve such a problem with our youngster, we must communicate with him and try to make him aware of the various dangers present on the web.

Otherwise, we can always install parental control on their devices which allow them to block access to applications and sites of our choice.

In short, besides prevention, there is not really a miracle solution, whereas applications of this kind are numerous and unfortunately seem to be here to stay.

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