Gathering of modified cars: more than a hundred tickets in one evening

The gatherings of modified cars continue to have bad press, this time because of a vast operation carried out Friday in the Greater Montreal by various police forces, which had to distribute more than a hundred tickets in barely one. evening.

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Among the hundred or so offenses recorded, a motorist was arrested for driving while impaired by drugs.

A report was also issued for a very great speeding during the evening, added by press release the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), which is responsible for the network of highways.

The municipal police services of Montreal, Longueuil and the North Crown were also hard at work for this major coordinated action aimed above all at ensuring compliance with the Highway Safety Code.

These different police forces had to intervene on their local road network, but also in parking lots where rallies of modified cars were organized.

In recent weeks, several of these events in the metropolitan area have given rise to police interventions, not only because of violations of the Highway Safety Code, but also because health regulations were not respected.

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