[EN DIRECT] The latest developments on COVID

You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis which has hit the population, governments and the economy for several months.



Case: 57 626 994
Dead: 1,373,258
Recovered: 36,949,757


Case: 11 913 945
Dead: 254,424
Recovered: 4,457,930


Quebec: 129,699 cases (6,774 deaths)

Ontario: 100,790 cases (3,451 deaths)

Alberta: 43,912 cases (462 deaths)

British Columbia: 25,474 cases (331 deaths)

Manitoba: 12,919 cases (207 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 5,804 cases (33 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1,160 cases (65 deaths)

New Brunswick: 401 cases (6 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 311 cases (4 deaths)

Nunavut: 84 cases

Prince Edward Island: 68 cases

Yukon: 26 cases (1 death)

Northwest Territories: 15 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 cases

Total: 320,676 cases (11,334 deaths)


5:59 am | Polish government advises against Christmas travel, maintains restrictions

The Polish prime minister formally advised Poles against traveling during Christmas time and announced that most anti-coronavirus restrictions would be maintained.

5h51 | We know that we die of it, but we know less about the after-effects of the survivors

Experts warn against the still unknown physical sequelae and the psychological distress that the virus can leave in its wake.

Francois Marquis

Photo courtesy, Sylvain Durocher

5:10 am | COVID-19 changed their lives

As the second wave of COVID-19 hits, hundreds of Quebecers continue to suffer months after being infected with the virus, some marked by physical or psychological consequences.

3h55 | New records of infections and deaths in Russia

Russia on Saturday recorded new records in terms of infections and daily deaths from the new coronavirus, two days after surpassing the two million sick mark.

Health officials reported 24,822 new infections on Saturday and 476 new deaths, for a total of 2,064,748 million cases detected since the start of the year and 35,778 deaths.

2h30 | Covid and air pollution, between good weather and toxic relationship

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly cleared up the polluted skies of large confined metropolises, but experts are especially worried about a possibly toxic relationship between air pollution and the respiratory virus.

With the proliferation of containment measures around the world, with traffic restrictions and the economic crisis, multiple studies have shown a sometimes spectacular drop in the concentration of certain air pollutants in the United States and China. or in Europe.


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