Demon’s Souls: a sublime remake for the PS5

Considered – and rightly so – one of the most difficult video games of all time, Demon’s Souls is now getting a makeover with a complete overhaul for the PlayStation 5. Same story, same difficulty … but a completely improved experience thanks to new technologies. In short, a magnificent and breathtaking remake in every way.

The Demon’s Souls original gave you a hard time? It’s a safe bet that this new incarnation of the classic will do just as well. Because no, no question of taking the player by the hand for this overhaul or of diluting its essence, as difficult as it is.

So advice to novices: be patient. Because the world that unfolds Demon’s Souls is an arid and complex one, which will take time, energy – and maybe even a few expletives – before assimilating its subtleties and mastering its mechanics. In short, it’s demanding, brutal, and often ruthless. But that’s what makes it so beautiful.


Speaking of beauty, this revamp of the classic is simply stunning, with its visual quality far exceeding our expectations which, let’s point out, were particularly high. Because it is clear that the new technologies of the PlayStation 5 do excessively good justice to this gloomy and mysterious universe. Every detail, no matter how small, seems to have been the subject of meticulous attention when creating this spellbinding world. And it is frankly successful.

We should also mention the incredible contribution of the DualSense gamepad which enhances the experience in many ways. The controls, now faster and smoother, almost completely eliminate the roughness players had to contend with when initially released over 10 years ago.

The new system of vibration, haptic feedback and speakers integrated into the controller also help to make the experience more immersive, complete and captivating.

Certainly, these last elements are the new standard in gaming for the new generation of consoles. But their contribution is so great and impressive that they deserve to be mentioned.

  • Demon’s Souls (4.5 / 5)

Available now, exclusively on PS5.

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