2021 Mercedes-Maybach S 580: you won’t believe your eyes

2021 Mercedes-Maybach S 580: you won’t believe your eyes

Following in the footsteps of the new 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class unveiled this summer, the Mercedes-Maybach S 580 is now making its debut, ready to appeal to drivers and especially rear passengers looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

And there are more of them than you might think, particularly in China, Russia, South Korea, Germany and the United States – the main markets targeted by this large and opulent sedan.

Measuring 18 centimeters longer than the extended-wheelbase S-Class, all for the benefit of the rear seats, the Maybach S 580 version includes the Driver package and executive seats as standard. These can tilt up to 43.5 degrees back for optimal relaxation, especially when the power seat is fully extended and the footrest is extended. The seats of course offer a massage function and can even warm the neck and shoulders.

As in the regular S-Class, there are up to five screens on board, including a vertical 12.8-inch OLED display in the center and another 12.3-inch 3D behind the wheel, all powered by the system. second generation MBUX infotainment. Optional ambient lighting (253 LEDs) adds two Maybach-exclusive colors, including rose gold, and the rear light can be adjusted to suit occupants.

Engineers have also added sound-absorbing material and developed an active road noise neutralization system (via sound waves emitted by the speakers) to make the passenger compartment even quieter.

The exterior design stands out with a Mercedes-Maybach-specific grille, featuring vertical blades with the center one aligned with the thin chrome fin on the hood. Speaking of chrome, there is plenty of it, especially at the bottom of the bumpers and sidewalls, around the side windows and on the rims. The latter have a diameter varying from 19 to 21 inches. Let’s not forget the Maybach logo on the rear pillars.

450983 mercedes maybach s 580 2021 vous n en croirez pas vos
Photo: Daimler

Two-tone bodywork is available, as are digital headlights that project warning lines or signals onto the roadway. The rear doors are wider for even easier access and, as an option, it is possible to have them with an assisted closing.

450990 mercedes maybach s 580 2021 vous n en croirez pas vos
Photo: Daimler

On the mechanical side, electrification is required in the form of a mild hybrid system. The 496 horsepower (formerly 463) of the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 is transferred to all four wheels through a nine-speed automatic transmission. There is no question of a return of the V12 yet.

For total ride comfort, Mercedes’ most advanced adjustable air suspension is included as standard. It is governed by a drive mode selector, as are the engine, steering and anti-slip. In terms of handling, an optional rear-wheel steering system reduces the turning circle in town from 13.4 meters to 12.4 or 11.4 meters, as desired.

450991 mercedes maybach s 580 2021 vous n en croirez pas vos
Photo: Daimler

Finally, safety is taken up a notch with more sophisticated airbags and seat belts in the rear, while driver assistance will become more sophisticated with the subsequent addition of the semi-autonomous level 3 system called DRIVE PILOT. There will also be a fully automated parking system.

The new Mercedes-Maybach S 580 is expected to hit the Canadian market in mid-2021 and is sure to cost significantly more than the outgoing Maybach S 560’s $ 212,000.


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