Sharp increase in jobless claims in the United States

Unemployment claims rose sharply last week in the United States, as several states and cities across the country imposed new restrictions in the face of the surge in COVID-19 cases, according to figures released Thursday by the department work.

Between November 8 and 14, 742,000 people registered as unemployed, up sharply from the 711,000 people who were unemployed the week before, a figure revised up. It is also much higher than the 720,000 registrations expected by analysts.

The country had nearly 6.4 million unemployed at the beginning of November, this figure being published with a week delay. This is 429,000 people less than the previous week, some having found a job, while others are simply no longer entitled to unemployment benefits, paid for up to six months in the United States.

By adding the aid programs linked to the pandemic, which make it possible to extend the payment of allowances by several weeks or to extend them to workers who are not usually entitled to them, such as the self-employed, there are 20.3 million people who received assistance in the last week of October, or 841,245 people less than a week earlier.

But that does not mean that all have found work. Many have indeed left the statistics because their rights have expired.

The situation could worsen, because if the elected representatives of Congress do not manage to quickly find a compromise to provide financial assistance to households and businesses, 12 million unemployed will suddenly find themselves without resources on Boxing Day, warned The Century Foundation. , a Democratic think tank.

The winter promises to be difficult, as the virus has been returning to the United States for several weeks, pushing the authorities to take measures to slow down economic activity, which has significant consequences on employment.

The state of New York has imposed a curfew on bars and restaurants, and will close its schools as of Thursday. The city hall of Chicago, the third largest city in the country, has called on its residents to stay at home, except for essential travel.

The United States has recorded an average of more than a thousand deaths every day over the past two weeks, and on Wednesday hit the mark of 250,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, according to the count. benchmark from Johns Hopkins University.

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