Josélito Michaud publishes a sequel to his novel “In my eyes to me”

Josélito Michaud recently published his fourth book “Three months at the most”, the sequel to the bestseller “In my eyes”.

The novel reconnects the reader with Olivier Dubreuil, 32 years after his departure for Montreal, when he had just celebrated his 18th birthday and discovered the identity of his biological mother.

The themes of the effect of secrets on a family, lies and truths, but also resilience or illness are discussed.

“Each time, it’s the same feeling. That of duty accomplished, ”explained the host in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

“When I was little, I dreamed of writing. More than watching TV. I dreamed of writing, but I didn’t think I had the talent to do it. ”

Josélito said he had hesitated for a long time before making a sequel to his successful novel.

See his interview in the video above.

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