Financing of the REM station at the airport | The opposition considers the withdrawal of Quebec “deplorable”

(Quebec) The decision of the Legault government to withdraw from the financial package in order to provide the Montreal-Trudeau airport with a station for the future REM is “deplorable”, considers the official opposition in Quebec.

The Liberal MP for Mont-Royal – Outremont, Pierre Arcand, recalls that in August, “the minister [des Transports] François Bonnardel hammered home that it was unthinkable that we couldn’t find a way to connect [l’aéroport] to the network ”.

“As in all the metropolises of the world, Montreal must have a transport link like that of the REM between its airport and its downtown area. It is deplorable to see that the Caquista government is withdrawing from the financial package for the construction of the REM station at Trudeau airport, ”he said.


Pierre Arcand

Press reported Thursday that the Legault government had withdrawn from the financial package worked between Quebec and Ottawa to ensure funding for the connection of the airport to the REM. The costs of this construction, about 600 million, were initially to be covered by the airport. However, the organization’s revenues have fallen sharply since the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced passenger traffic by 97% since March.

Quebec’s decision caught the federal government by surprise, reported The Press, while the construction of the future station has already started. “It is imperative to find a solution given the importance of the station at the airport for this entire public transport project which will improve mobility for citizens and visitors to the greater Montreal area for generations. coming soon, ”said Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau.

A “mess”, denounces QS

In Quebec, the critic of Quebec solidaire in terms of transport, Ruba Ghazal, accuses the Legault government of “torpedoing a public transport project which is however already on the rails”.

“Withdrawing funding from a project that has already started is waste and time that we do not have which is wasted unnecessarily. We must stop procrastinating and move forward with this project ”, she denounced Thursday.

The new leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, sees it as a new example to promote the sovereignty of the province.

“Once again, the federal government is proving to us that it has no control over the management of its airports. If Canada really cared about its infrastructures on Quebec soil, it would not skimp on funding for the station, ”he said.

“The federal government is too much government and we still have an excellent example [comment] everything would be simpler with a single level of government, ”added the leader of the Third Opposition.

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