“A few months” before catching up with schooling

The Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, is confident that the students will catch up with their academic delay within “a few months” and is open to making new adjustments to the report card, requested by school principals.

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The newspaper reported Thursday that the failure rate in high schools is three to five times higher this fall, compared to the same date last year, according to public and private school principals.

Minister Roberge is optimistic that the students will come back up in the coming months. “We are slowly catching up with the delays and giving help to those who need it. It will take a few more months, we have not reached our destination, but I am confident, ”he told the Newspaper.

More resources

Mr. Roberge has even opened the door to the idea of ​​offering more resources to students who need them. “If there are additional needs, we will respond now,” he said.

The minister also showed himself open to modifying the bulletin again, if necessary. The first newsletter, which is now scheduled for late January, will count for 50% this year.

The principals are calling for a reduction in this weighting in order to give failed students more chances to save their school year.

“If we have to make other changes, we will make them,” said Mr. Roberge.

Sigh of relief

Several players in the school network also heaved a sigh of relief on Thursday following the announcement of the scenario chosen by Quebec for Christmas, which provides for distance education rather than an extended leave in order to reduce the risks. spread of the virus.

“We are reassured, our call has been heard,” said Kévin Roy, president of the Federation of Parents’ Committees of Quebec.

Same story in the ranks of teachers’ unions and school administrators, who also say they are “relieved”.

“Now, we will try to prepare for things to be done as correctly as possible,” said Josée Scalabrini, president of the Federation of Education Unions.

For his part, Minister Roberge said that high schools will be able to provide computer equipment to all students who will need it for distance education after the holidays.


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