The computer attack cost the STM $ 2 million

Problems stemming from the computer attack that hit the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) last month cost it around $ 2 million, and hackers were able to gain access to information about 96 employees and customers. .

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In its report on the attack, filed Wednesday, the carrier said it was preparing a monetary claim to its insurers to offset the costs associated with the attack. These are estimated at $ 2 million, a sum to which must be added the unproductiveness caused by computer failures, which has yet to be quantified, adds the STM.

Remember that the pirates responsible for the attack asked the STM for a ransom of $ 2.8 million, which the carrier never considered paying.

After the attack on October 19, the STM claimed that no personal data had been stolen during the attack.

On Monday, however, the investigation carried out with specialists showed that the hackers had time to access personal data concerning 24 employees (out of a total of 11,000 employees) and 72 customers (out of a total of 645,000), who have all been contacted.

For the majority, these are either first and last names, email addresses or even a phone number, but more sensitive data concerning two employees was viewed by the hackers. Support from a specialized firm has been set up for them.

Remember that the bus and metro services were not stopped by the computer attack. However, the carrier’s website was offline for several days, data on the positioning of vehicles was no longer accessible, and the paratransit service was impacted immediately after the attack.

In total, 600 of the STM’s 1,600 servers were affected by the attack. They were detected and isolated within 4 hours, and put back into operation within two weeks. The final report produced by the STM following the attack will be shared with police authorities so that they can determine the outcome of the attack. criminal investigation.

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