Dr Miami, cosmetic surgery star on Snapchat

Welcome to the practice and privacy of Dr. Miami, a colorful cosmetic surgery professional with a high-powered practice, for whom operations rhyme with humor and Snapchat videos, but whose tidy personal life is dictated by religion.

Michael Salzhauer (his real name), a doctor far removed from the rigid image of a surgeon that one might be tempted to imagine, is the star of the documentary “In the skin of Dr Miami” which will be broadcast on Saturday evening HERE Radio -Canada TV.

Healthy transformation?

For the director Jean-Simon Fortier, this man who broadcasts part of his work, live from his surgery room in Miami, deserved that we focus on him.

“She is a larger than life character who, for me, embodies the propensity for the body to take pride of place on social networks through the image that many young women put forward, while it uses the same tools as them, shaping them with his knife, to promote himself. ”

“He really believes that cosmetic surgery has the potential to improve people’s lives because they are going to have more confidence, they are going to be better with themselves and with others. This is its rationalization. ”

Two religions

For the American practitioner, life is divided in two. “He has two religions: Orthodox Judaism and plastic surgery,” explains Jean-Simon Chartier. Obviously I played around with that in the interviews I did with him and got him to tell me he’s a cosmetic surgery evangelizer because I wanted to have this quote. […] I wanted to show that there are followers of Dr Miami. ”

Being of contradictions, Michael Salzhauer however does not let Dr. Miami enter the house. An Orthodox Jew, he practices the Sabbath from Friday to Saturday evening, prays for a long time every morning and talks seriously with his rabbi.

If, according to him, “cosmetic surgery is an act of God”, his wife and daughter do not share his vision and make very unflattering comments about his profession. Without fearing the judgment of his own, his peers or that of his god, Michael Salzhauer hopes that the scales will tip in the right direction when “the weighing of my soul” comes.

Keep it serious

With his work, the documentary maker wanted to amuse, but also to make people smile with unease. Because, he says, there is an important “social evil” to denounce.

“The critical aspect of the documentary is how we have come to, because of technology, the advance of medicine and the importance of the image, that cosmetic surgery takes all the place. What is valued are girls who show their buttocks and make them move on social networks. “

However, even if Dr. Miami does not cease to make the swagger, he practices his trade suitably, an element which has proved to be essential for the director. “I would never have given him that place if I knew that his work as a surgeon was not done according to the rules of the art.”

After having been shown at various virtual festivals, the documentary “Dans la peau du Dr Miami” will be broadcast for the first time in French, this Saturday at 10:30 pm, by ICI Radio-Canada Télé as part of its meeting “Doc Humanity”.


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