Canada-US border closed until the holidays

The Canada-U.S. Border will remain closed to non-essential travelers at least until Dec. 21, QMI has learned.

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According to federal sources, the Canadian government will extend the duration of the border closure for one more month. The restrictions currently in place are due to expire on Saturday, November 21.

Closed for the first time in mid-March, the Canada-US border has remained closed to access during this pandemic period since, the decree authorizing its closure having been renewed every month.

Although the closure is intended to avoid non-essential travel, for example for tourism, the border is not waterproof, far from it. Many exceptions are in place for essential workers, commerce, and on humanitarian grounds, among others.

According to cumulative data by the Canada Border Services Agency which was relayed by CTV News on Wednesday, just over 6.5 million people entered Canada from March 1 to November 12 from the United States and elsewhere. abroad.

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