Another BB leaves us

Almost three years to the day after the death of Patrick Bourgeois, Les BB has lost a second member. Drummer François Jean was found lifeless on Monday. He was 60 years old. “I was sure he was going to last longer than everyone else. He was made strong ”, told the Newspaper the only remaining member of the group, Alain Lapointe.

News of François Jean’s death quickly spread on social media Monday, after Marie Carmen made the announcement on her official Facebook page.

The heart in crumbs I have the terrible regret to announce the death of my precious friend François Jean. My man, my …

published by Marie carmen sure Monday 16 November 2020

The singer shared her life with the singer for ten years, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She did not specify the cause of his death and did not want to give an interview.

Born on August 30, 1960, François Jean is survived by his wife, Mélissa Nadeau, and his young daughter Frédérique.

Joined by The newspaper, the former BB pianist Alain Lapointe was stunned on the phone. “I got out of my chair. It’s still 30 years of our life that we spent together ”.

“I beg you to respect the privacy of François’ family, in order to allow him to mourn. I will not make any further comments or grant any interviews.

Successful group

In the 1990s, very successful as Be careful, you’re in the moon and Give me my chance, The BBs were the most popular group in Quebec.

“We were really outstanding in the musical world of Quebec,” says Alain Lapointe. I say it without pretension. We had a look, something special. “

With this success, François Jean had fallen into excess. The musician had experienced several consumption problems.

“François said that he would break the candle in two and burn it at all ends! launches Alain Lapointe. I don’t know how many therapies he took. ”

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“François and I were two old friends,” he continues. We walked around France. We have been to Europe 15 times. We ran away from Patrick [Bourgeois] often! In France, we pushed each other, we got off the train and we went for a walk (laughs). “

Cut bridges

In 2015, François Jean cut ties with his two former BB buddies when he sued Patrick Bourgeois for a sum of $ 30,000 due to a financial dispute related to the album. Universe. The case was finally settled last year, two years after Bourgeois’ death.

“François had put himself out of the BBs,” says Alain Lapointe. From the moment he activated Patrick, I must have spoken to François maybe three times in three years. I hardly had any contact with him anymore. “

Aged 61, how does Alain Lapointe feel about being the last BB member still alive? “I find that very sad, very unhappy,” he replies. Frankly, I didn’t think it would happen like this. […] Finding myself the last survivor of the BBs, that did not tempt me to take on that role. ”

Artists bereaved

“Heart to pieces. I have the terrible regret to announce the death of my precious friend François Jean. My man, my brother, my love. His wife, Mélissa, asked me to let you know. I beg you to respect the privacy of François’ family, in order to allow him to mourn. “

– Marie Carmen

“We did the 400 shots together. François, it was a comic bum. He was delinquent, he was late, but at the same time, he was doing the job. […] He’s one of the best boyfriends I’ve had in my life. “

– Alain Lapointe

“It is with sadness that I learned this morning of the death of François Jean, whom my father knew well during the BB era. I personally wish to offer my most sincere condolences to his wife Mélissa and their daughter. “

– Ludovick Bourgeois

“I am devastated. My heart hurts. Tired of losing my precious world, my friends (friends), my loves, my family … It is at this precise moment that we realize that we are getting old. RIP my love friend, that I love you and will love you. “

– Marie-Chantal Toupin

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