British Columbia man intentionally coughs on baby in hospital

A man who does not believe in COVID-19 allegedly intentionally coughed on patients at a hospital in British Columbia, including a four-month-old child, in early November.

Chelsea Hubert’s visit with her baby to Victoria General Hospital did not go at all as planned on November 4, reported CTV, Sunday.

A man who was in the same waiting room went to the bathroom and on his return lashed out at the other people who were waiting there for no apparent reason.

“My child did not make noise, confided Chelsea Hubert to CTV. And all of a sudden this man is in front of us and he starts coughing all over us screaming ‘COVID is wrong’. ”

According to her, this gesture was intentional.

She left the hospital immediately, while the other patients and members of the facility’s security confronted the suspect. The latter would then have said that he had a weapon, according to CTV.

He was then arrested by the police.

This visit left a bitter taste in Chelsea Hubert.

“I’m still sorry that someone could do such a thing,” she mentioned to CTV. I don’t understand why someone could cough on a child. ”

Ms. Hubert says she spoke to the police about this event.

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