5G in Canada | CCP urges Justin Trudeau to reject Huawei before year-end

(Ottawa) While Canada’s main allies have already ruled out Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei from deploying 5G technology in their territory, the Conservative Party wants to force the Trudeau government to follow suit by the end of the year. year on the grounds that this company represents a threat to national security.

The Conservative Party, which has been following Justin Trudeau’s Liberals on this issue for almost two years, intends to table a motion in the House of Commons imposing a firm deadline on the government, that is, within 30 days of the motion being adopted.

With only four weeks of parliamentary business left before the holiday break, Erin O’Toole’s Conservative troops are trying to force the Trudeau government before the end of 2020.

The motion, which will be sponsored by Conservative Party foreign affairs critic Michael Chong, will force a one-day debate on Tuesday. The vote on the motion is expected to take place the next day, Wednesday.

The motion bluntly criticizes China’s behavior, especially since the arrest of Meng Wanzhou by Canadian authorities in Vancouver in December 2018 at the request of the United States. In the wake of his arrest, China arrested former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and a consultant, Michael Spavor, in retaliation. Beijing has also imposed retaliatory trade measures by banning Canadian exports of pork and canola, among other measures. The final hearing to determine whether Meng Wanzhou should be extradited to the United States is scheduled for next April.

The Conservative motion therefore affirms “that the People’s Republic of China, which is led by the Chinese Communist Party, threatens the national interests of Canada and the values ​​of the Canadian people, including Canadians of Chinese origin on Canadian soil.”

She also maintains “that it is essential for Canada to adopt a rigorous foreign policy based on principles supported by actions in concert with its allies”.

Recall that the United States, Australia and New Zealand have excluded the Huawei company from its 5G network for reasons of national security. The United Kingdom also announced a few months ago the phasing out of Huawei equipment from its 5G networks by 2023, also amid national security concerns.

In Canada, CSIS has told the Trudeau government that it would be unwise to entrust the deployment of 5G technology to this company because of its links to the Communist Party in Beijing and the risks of espionage.

In addition to demanding a decision from the Trudeau government within 30 days of the motion being passed, the Conservative Party is calling for “a robust plan, like Australia has done, to fight against the increasingly strong Chinese interference in Canada and the ever-increasing intimidation of Canadians living in Canada ”. This plan must also be presented within 30 days of the adoption of the Conservative motion.

The Trudeau government had indicated a few months before the 2019 election that a decision was imminent. But then Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale never announced the government’s colors on this issue. He was defeated in the last election. Mr. Goodale’s successor, Minister Bill Blair, has yet to reveal Ottawa’s intentions.

This file has given rise to several discussions between Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in recent weeks.

“The Prime Minister initially said he would make a decision about Huawei before the last election, but he did not. He then said he would listen to our allies before making a decision, but he did not. Our Group of Five allies have all decided that Huawei cannot be used for the 5G infrastructure. When will the Prime Minister decide to tell Canadians the truth and admit he wants to see Huawei to participate in Canada’s 5G network? Mr. O’Toole told the Commons on October 21.

“Emerging 5G technologies offer the opportunity to meet the exponential demand for faster and better networks from consumers and industry. We want Canadians to benefit from the latest innovations in 5G. That said, the safety of Canadians will always be our top priority. We will never compromise on national security issues. That is why we are working with our allies and with experts from the Canadian intelligence and security services to make the right decision in the interests of Canadians, ”replied Mr. Trudeau.


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