Ready for winter | A neglected filter

A vehicle that has been the subject of ongoing maintenance does not require special tuning as the white season approaches.

The lifespan of the spark plugs, the quality of the oils (synthetic and semi-synthetic), the robustness of the belts, to name only these elements, do not require seasonal maintenance as in the past. On the other hand, there is one device, often overlooked, that requires your attention: the cabin filter. Motorists are less sensitive to changing the cabin filter, because it is not “essential” for the proper functioning of the vehicle, unlike other filters in a vehicle which can cause serious problems.

This cabin filtration equipment is found today on almost all vehicles of recent design in circulation. One of the functions of this filter is to retain the many particles and harmful substances contained in the air, including the smallest. However, this shows a limited absorption capacity.

When it is reached, the concentration of harmful substances in the passenger compartment increases rapidly and can also significantly reduce the efficiency of the vehicle’s defrost and heating system. The cabin filter is subjected to very high humidity during autumn and winter.

As a general rule, replacement of the cabin filter should be done twice a year. In spring and fall. When the cabin filter is clogged, there is poor demisting of the windshield and side windows, as well as the appearance of bad odors in the cabin.

The complexity of changing the cabin filter can represent a barrier to its periodic replacement. Indeed, the variations are numerous from this point of view, and the time spent replacing a cabin filter can show big differences from one manufacturer to another or even from one model to another. The replacement of this filter can thus very well take two minutes, once the hood is raised, like almost 30 minutes, or even more, when it comes to removing the glove compartment and the lower part of the dashboard to access a filter whose market value rarely exceeds $ 30.

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It is recommended that the exhaust system be sealed.

By your negligence or that of its former owner, your vehicle has rarely attended a mechanical workshop? A tune-up or at least a regular inspection then appears essential as the cold weather approaches. If necessary, make sure that a careful check of the charging (alternator and battery), cooling (ducts and antifreeze), suspension, steering and brakes systems (wear of the pads, condition of the discs and level and brake fluid quality) are on the technician’s list. Also, make sure the exhaust system (including oxygen sensors) is sealed, since vehicle windows will generally remain closed all winter. And because of the short period of light this season, it seems essential to polish, if necessary, the headlight lenses to remove the grayish mesh that obscures them. You have to see well, to drive better.

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