[VIDÉO] More than 200 people in a bar: the Microdistillery denies the allegations of the Sherbrooke police officers

The Sherbrooke Microdistillery did not welcome 200 customers last Saturday night, as police reported, its co-owner Jean-Pierre Desrosiers said in a shared update Thursday.

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The police did visit the establishment on November 7 at the end of the evening, but they “left without making any intervention, arrest or giving a single statement of offense”, it was indicated in a statement relayed to the media, recalling that the region, now on maximum alert, was then living its last hours in the orange zone.

In its media notice Monday, the Sherbrooke Police Department (SPS) pointed out that it was after receiving a call that the officers moved to the establishment located on Meadow Street. The notice referred to about “200 people inside” and noted that “several [prenaient] the escape through the service doors ”. It was also stated: “No distance between customers, most of them do not wear masks, tables with 10 or 15 people”.

A spokesperson for the SPS had indicated, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles, that it was not the first visit of the police force in this establishment. “We went regularly to explain all these rules,” he said.

The management of La Microdistillerie claims that the SPS reported “totally wrong facts”.

A request for a reaction was sent early Thursday evening to the Sherbrooke police.

The business says it has a register of customers present last Saturday evening and images from surveillance cameras which “demonstrate beyond any doubt that the Microdistillery was far from this number at the time of the passage of the police”.

According to the co-owner, during the police visit after 11 p.m. last Saturday, 75 to 85 customers were in the Meadow Street business, or below the 130 people allowed, which corresponds to 50% of the usual total capacity excluding the pandemic.

“When we brought in the last person around 10pm, a queue formed outside and we turned down at least a hundred customers. There was not a time when we ended up with 200 people, ”said Jean-Pierre Desrosiers.

“When you look at the footage from the surveillance cameras, you don’t see anyone running and running away as the SPS mentioned. This statement is completely false and biased, ”added Mr. Desrosiers.

“I’ve always had a good relationship with the Sherbrooke police and I understand that the pressure is strong,” he also mentioned. But these statements are damaging my business and the facts must be publicly rectified. Let’s just say that the last few days have been difficult for our small team. ”

Note that TVA Nouvelles reported on October 14 that nine people who attended La Microdistillerie de Sherbrooke had contracted COVID-19.


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