The words of Minister Dubé on the WHO contradicted

Contrary to what the Minister of Health Christian Dubé reported, the World Health Organization (WHO) already spoke, last July, of a risk associated with the transmission of COVID-19 by aerosols.

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“What I said was that in a context where there have been significant changes in recent months in relation to the various expertises that have emerged, and in particular with the WHO, which has taken a different position in recent months. weeks, not the last few months, in relation to air contamination, ”Minister Dubé said at a press briefing on Thursday.

However, the WHO had already broached the subject four months ago and not in recent weeks as Mr. Dubé suggests.

“From the beginning of July, 230 scientists presented elements which showed that aerosols could certainly be very involved in the contamination. On July 13, the United Nations published a document recognizing the risk of airborne transmission, ”says pharmacist and clinical professor at the University of Montreal, Diane Lamarre, to TVA Nouvelles.

She adds that since this publication, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States also confirmed the presence of aerosols last October and that Health Canada did the same about a week and a half ago.

“For several months now, we have been in a situation where we understand that there is a clear risk of transmission by aerosols. Not just during handling, but in general, when people are in confined spaces, ”Ms. Lamarre maintains.

The latter urges the government to act, especially in schools where ventilation problems raise the concern of many parents, teachers and health specialists.

“We must act and we must find concrete measures to ensure that we do not have this problem. And when we look at the rate of contamination in schools now, when we ask to open the windows, it is sure that we suspect that it is not just the droplets that are involved ”, press-t- she.

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