COVID-19: a man from Saguenay lived through four quarantines

The family of a man hospitalized in Saguenay denounces the lack of information transmitted to relatives.

Luc Gagnon’s father suffered a stroke a month before the pandemic. Since then, Patrick Gagnon, 83, has been treated in various facilities. He did no less than four different quarantines.

This week, for four days, his family waited for his transfer from the Chicoutimi Hospital, where he had been there for three weeks, to the CHSLD de La Colline in the Chicoutimi-Nord sector. On a few occasions, they even came to this establishment to wait for it, but without success.

“They told us: ‘they did not notify you? The transfer is canceled,'” explained Luc Gagnon in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

After four days of postponement, Patrick Gagnon was finally transferred on Thursday.

Luc Gagnon’s wife, Nathalie Morin, cannot believe the shortcomings in communications with families.

“It is [censé] be transferred. He is not. We do not know. We’re going to the CHSLD, he’s not there. With the situation, there is a lack of communication. It’s a big, big lack, ”said Ms. Morin.

As a caregiver, Luc Gagnon takes care of his father, but with his fragile immunosuppressed health and the current outbreak at the Chicoutimi Hospital, he did not dare to go. The only way to get information was by phone, which Luc Gagnon describes as an adventure.

“There they tell you, weigh on one, weigh on two. When you’re done, I think you did almost 25 numbers. ”

A few hours before his transfer, he was able to speak to his father via FaceTime. “He almost cried. He was happy to see me on the phone. I was happy too. ”

Patrick Gagnon was tested for COVID-19 before his transfer. No one gave the result to his family.

“They didn’t call me to tell me if my father was positive or negative,” said Luc Gagnon. If they brought it there, I think it must be negative. The worst part is that it lacks information. We were not informed. ”

Nathalie Morin offers a solution. “I tell myself they should hire someone. Just to keep us posted. Provide updates on what is happening with families. ”

With his state of health, Luc Gagnon will be more comfortable coming to see his father at the CHSLD de la Colline. He believes that he will receive care adapted to his situation in this resource.

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