Screening clinic: your clicks from midnight for an appointment

As was to be expected, the Clicsanté.ca site was stormed by those hoping for an appointment Wednesday at the screening clinic.

If you want to secure a place in the next few days, prepare to stay up late.

On this Wednesday morning in Saguenay, there were two queues at the Hangar du Vieux-Port. The longest was made up of people who had failed to book their appointment online.

“I tried, but the site was not responding, there was nothing,” a lady told TVA Nouvelles camera.

“I came to the walk-in because there was no more room available,” added another.

To be allowed to come to the clinic with an appointment, it was better to have gone to bed late the night before.

“Clicsanté, at midnight in the night from Monday to Tuesday … I had the appointment right away!” proudly proclaimed a mother, who came with her son who attends an elementary school struck by an outbreak.

By setting up this system, regional public health wanted to reduce waiting times. The time slots are posted 24 hours in advance. But if you wait until lunchtime to try your luck, you might be disappointed.

“At midnight 5 or midnight 10, there were already 10 places reserved,” said a lady.

Another senior woman said she contacted the site shortly after midnight. “I was afraid of running out of space …”

“I imagine the system is done that way because a day starts at midnight,” said another lady, disappointed that she didn’t have a date. “But now that I know the trick, I’ll definitely give it a try!”

Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Regional Director of Public Health, Dr. Donald Aubin, acknowledged Wednesday that the system may require adjustments.

“It will help reduce the pressure on the laboratories,” he said. We are trying to reduce delays as much as possible. ”

For now, public health rules out the possibility of re-establishing walk-in clinics.

“Our laboratories have received new equipment which is being run in,” said the director. It will help us. ”

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