Road signs in French: often imprecise, erroneous or lame!

In the article on page 4 of Thursday, November 5, Réal Fradette underlines – with good reason – the lack of transparency of the ministry responsible for road signs.

The accompanying photo also showed the very small place occupied by French, our official language!

On the panel, the number “30” alone, without any complement, has no meaning. The sign must clearly state “30 km / h”. It must also be written in French: “from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on school days”.

Year after year, for fifty years, our provincial government has claimed to represent the two official language communities and to want to “protect and promote” our two languages.

Since 1970 however, road signs in French are often imprecise, erroneous or lame. Some posters of the Ministry of Transport seem to have been written in the panel manufacturing workshop by employees who improvise translators!

To preserve French in road signs and in public places, a toponymy commission will have to be set up, which will establish criteria and offer advice on signage.

If our government does not take the necessary measures, in fifty years our province will show more and more its only English face …

And far, far behind, his poor and unloved little brother, the French, will perhaps still hobble.

As for me, I will no longer be there and will have no problem!

Adrienne deveau

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