Returned by taxi with COVID: The CIUSSS de l’Estrie admits its error

The CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS acknowledged on Wednesday that an employee of the Granby Hospital made a mistake on Monday by sending a lady with COVID-19 back to her seniors’ residence in a public taxi .

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“One of our clerks chose to call a regular taxi rather than call a taxi company with which we have an agreement and which is a specialized company, which is trained to transport people who have an infectious disease such as COVID -19 ”, said Annie-Andrée Émond, spokesperson for the CIUSSS.

This is a drastic change of position by the organization, which nevertheless assured Tuesday, by email, that the transport by taxi of people infected with COVID-19 was possible and that it was the responsibility of the company taxi driver or driver to ask their customers if they have COVID-19 or not.

An answer that quickly ignited the powder.

“For me it’s unacceptable, it’s really unacceptable. It’s not for us to ask, ”protested Elvis Redzepagic, the president of Taxi3000, a Granby company.

For its part, Taxi Sherbrooke sent a missive to the CIUSSS in the morning. “I find that irresponsible on the part of the CIUSSS. We are doing things halfway and we must really be very serious if we want to stop this pandemic, ”said the president of the company, Miodrag Doslo.

Remember that the taxi driver who had not been informed of the fact that he was transporting an infected patient had to undergo a screening test. This man who has two jobs to support himself was also forced to quarantine himself, while waiting to know if he had contracted the virus.

The CIUSSS admitted to having made a mistake. “It is our responsibility to notify the taxi driver that the person they are going to transport has an infectious disease,” admitted Ms. Émond.

The beneficiary attendant who denounced the situation, Nathalie Fortier, was delighted to learn of the CIUSSS’s about-face.

“I’m glad my statement stirred things up and people took notice of how it was,” she commented.

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