Republicans and Trump’s Dangerous Game

More than a week after the election, Donald Trump refuses to concede defeat and the Republicans do not dare to upset him. Why ?

On Saturday, when Joe Biden’s victory became evident, one would have expected the outgoing president to concede defeat, but Donald Trump laughs at convention.

As promised, he will persist in exhausting all his legal remedies in the hope of reversing the outcome.

This strategy is doomed to failure. So how is it that Republicans are so reluctant to recommend him an honorable exit?

Spare the beast

Of course, this would assume that Donald Trump has a sense of honor, but he doesn’t. He is physiologically incapable of graciously admitting defeat.

Since the election, Trump has not fussed and no one can make him listen to reason. Several Republicans refrain from antagonizing him in public to give him, they say, time to absorb reality; as if his pathological inability to accept failure was a valid excuse for his undemocratic behavior. Obviously, the anger that preoccupies Republicans is less that of the president than that of his unconditional supporters, who firmly believe in the fiction of a victory stolen by large-scale electoral fraud.

Clear political interests

In the short term, the energy that Trump’s anger generates among his supporters is deemed essential to the maximum mobilization of the Republican electorate for the second round of the Senate elections in Georgia.

Republicans know full well that the presidency has eluded them, but nothing is more important to them than winning those two seats to maintain their majority in the Senate, and they know that die-hard Trumpists are going to spoil their company if they place themselves. across the road from Trump. Longer term, no Republican wants to face their partisan base after being exposed to the murderous tweets and revengeful recriminations Trump reserves for them if they publicly abandon him to his inescapable fate.

Constitutional crisis

Republicans are certainly giving Trump little chance in his desperate attempt to pull off some sort of post-election coup, but they might do well to let him continue his fad.

First, the instability that such a constitutional crisis will generate will complicate Joe Biden’s challenge to heal the wounds of the divisions and confrontations maintained by his predecessor for four years. If this crisis ends up in the Supreme Court, it will no doubt have no other choice but to reject the frivolous lawsuits that Donald Trump is concocting. This would give the Court an opportunity to give itself a veneer of independence that would do well with Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who did everything to “pack” the Court with a concrete majority of six Conservative Republican judges on new. By persisting, Donald Trump is playing a dangerous game. He won’t prevent Joe Biden from ascending to the presidency on January 20, but he will continue to do damage until then.

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