Kids Help Phone’s racist temptation

The story begins on Twitter. I was snooping around on Tuesday when I came across a tweet from Kids Help Phone, the pan-Canadian organization that claims to offer an attentive ear to anxious or distressed youth. It is a noble mission, of course.

But Kids Help Phone took advantage of this tweet to urge young “whites” to recognize their “white privilege” in a guilty way. The tweet led to the organization’s website, where there was a page featuring racialist slogans that recast anti-racism on white hatred, in addition to making the latter the highest form of white hatred. humanity. Being white is bad, it’s dirty. Understood ?


I am rarely surprised by this kind of news. For a long time, I have studied the question of multiculturalism and political correctness in all their dimensions, and I see coming what we modestly call their excesses.

But this time, I confess my surprise. I had never imagined that an organization supposed to serve young people in distress would unashamedly instrumentalize their misfortunes in the most abject manner. I was disgusted.

Taking advantage of a teenager’s distress to force him to swallow the potion woke and that of political correctness is lousy.

I imagine the scene. A young man phones Kids Help Phone. He confesses his pain of living to the telephone operator, who stops him.

– Are you white?

– Yes.

– You must recognize your white privilege! Just by the color of your skin, you participate in systemic racism. Repent, become an ally of minorities!

– Uh, but I’m really not well, I’m calling you because …

– Shut up ! When you are white, you shut your mouth, if not to self-criticize.

Then the youngster hangs up.

On social networks, the reaction was sharp to the point where Kids Help Phone deleted its tweet and removed the page dedicated to “white privilege” from its site. Simple common sense? I’d rather bet on the funk. Of course, I archived everything in screenshots.

Above all, do not claim victory too quickly.

Because many have discovered at the same time that Télé-Québec is promoting propaganda and indoctrination videos intended for schools to “explain” to students the concepts of “white privilege” and “systemic racism”.

Let us not forget either all the other courses which teach them to feel microaggressed in all circumstances, which leads to situations like the one we experienced at the University of Ottawa recently.


We then wonder why “young people” repeat these slogans. But because they are at the heart of the American ideological porridge that we give them to consume permanently!

The political leader who will clearly assume the fight against political correctness and its repeated ideological aggressions will find wide support in an exasperated population. I insist: he must not resist it passively, but fight it frankly.

Quebeckers have the right to demand that we stop funding those who spit on them out of their taxes.

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