PLQ | The Legault government is a “boy club”, launches Melançon

(Quebec) Prime Minister François Legault heads a government of “uncles”, a “boy club” granting men privileges that he denies to the women of his team, according to the liberal opposition.

Jocelyne Richer
The Canadian Press

In a telephone interview with The Canadian Press on Wednesday, the Liberal spokesperson for the status of women, the member for Verdun, Isabelle Melançon, launched a charge against the government, regarding the different status that would be granted according to her to the men and women of the CAQ team.

She says she was stung by the Prime Minister’s reaction to the publication of the ethics commissioner’s report blaming the Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon,

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Pierre Fitzgibbon

According to her, this is a case of sexism. Mr Fitzgibbon was entitled to preferential treatment by being retained in office despite this blame, which would never have happened if he had been a woman, argued the MP.

And if he obtained this preferential treatment, it is because he is part of the small circle of power around the Prime Minister, that he is a man and a personal friend, she believes, convinced that Mr. Legault applies a rule of “two weights, two measures” when it comes to evaluating the performance of his ministers, depending on whether it is a woman or a man.

” Two weights, two measures. It is a government of boys club. It is a government of my uncles. That’s the CAQ ”, slice Mme Melançon.

“If Pierre Fitzgibbon had been a woman, there would have been a reshuffle in the last hours”, is persuaded the deputy.

She notes the cases of MarieChantal Chassé, packed with the Council of Ministers, “because she had communication problems, to make room for a guy”. Even though he is not a minister, she draws a parallel with the national director of public health, Dr Horacio Arruda, who also has communication problems, according to the Prime Minister’s office, to the point of having hired a “coach” this week to supervise his public outings. Mme Chassé, demoted simple member, after a few months of service, was not entitled to such a favor, says Mme Melançon, adding that she had been replaced by a man, Benoit Charette, at the Environment.

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Benoit Charette

She adds that the ministers still in office Nathalie Roy and Danielle McCann have lost feathers. The first having had to cede the file of the protection of the French language, the second having ceded its place to Health to Christian Dubé, to find itself in Higher Education.

When she looks at the situation of the second wave of the pandemic and the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, she concludes that Mr. Dubé “did not do better than McCann ”.

The case of Sylvie D’Amours also caught his attention. The former Minister of Native Affairs also found herself in the back seats, as a simple member, once again “replaced by a guy”, Ian Lafrenière.

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Ian Lafreniere

On her momentum, she lists other cases: Simon Jolin-Barrette, who orchestrated a “complete flop at Immigration: the PEQ (Quebec Experience Program). Has anyone touched him? Not at all “. André Lamontagne, who made the headlines in the case of whistleblowers at the Ministry of Agriculture was also spared, notes the deputy.

Mme Melançon recalls that the caucus of the ruling party has about thirty women and that during the last election campaign, Mr. Legault had committed to forming a parity government, a broken promise.

In this government, according to her, the proof is made that the Prime Minister protects the male ministers. “The men have nothing to fear and the women are always on the end of their chairs,” she concludes.

The Council of Ministers is made up of 16 men and 11 women.

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