New image and new web platform for TVA

TVA is rethinking its brand strategy and launching a new web platform, TVA +, on which all TVA content will be found, which can be viewed free of charge.

The chain announced on Wednesday a strategic repositioning, under construction for more than a year and a half, which results in the unveiling of a new logo and of this new digital destination, TVA +.

On TVA +, the public will be able to watch their favorite TVA shows whenever they want or watch the channel live. There will be thousands of hours of entertainment on demand, including entire series to be consumed in bursts, as well as a selection of titles from several specialty channels. The platform, in operation from Wednesday afternoon, will improve over the coming months.

In the wake of these changes, the TVA Nouvelles brand will also be updated, keeping its application well known to Quebecers at the heart of its strategy. As for TVA Sports, its refreshment will take place at the start of 2021.

A large multidisciplinary team has been set up to shape these new products, drawing inspiration from the biggest media brands on an international scale.

The leitmotif of this evolution? The theme “We recognize each other”, which reflects the values ​​of TVA, which, for nearly 60 years, has brought Quebecers together and offered them major events that resemble them.

It is also indicated that this repositioning of TVA will also tint the content of on-air productions, and that “viewers will recognize themselves in it even more. They will recognize themselves in the stories and feel concerned. ” As such, TVA intends to continue to set trends, initiate changes, introduce new talents and amaze people.

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