Comedian and host Michel Mongeau has passed away

Comedian and host Michel Mongeau died of cancer on Wednesday at the age of 74. According to his brother Serge Mongeau, quoted by the QMI Agency, he would have requested medical assistance in dying.

On the small screen, the actor has held roles in flagship fiction series, such as Unit 9, Lance and count 3 and Our summers, All the truth and A hard time.

Having worked in radio for several years, he is known for having conceived and hosted the popular children’s show 275-Hello on the airwaves of Ci Première in the 1990s.

Puppeteer, Michel Mongeau also manipulated Gérard D. Laflaque, the famous character created by cartoonist Serge Chapleau.

In 2017, he published the essay Ascending prostate cancer or the unique newspaper of the Little Mister, in which he spoke about his illness.


Several personalities from journalistic and cultural circles paid tribute to Michel Mongeau on social networks.

Author and professor of literature at UQAM Samuel Archibald praised his “discreet but still striking presence on the big and small screen, [sa] suave but really deep voice often heard in dubbing and legendary. “

“Man of the theater, actor, puppeteer, Michel was one of those beasts of radio, as we see little of it today”, for his part declared the former journalist Michel Dumais, who describes him as a “human type, fun, brilliant, crazy and very intelligent ”.

Host Catherine Pogonat stressed that he had a great influence in his professional life. “It’s a great radio man who left today. Michel Mongeau believed in me at the start of my career, he pushed me, challenged me, learned a lot. ”

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