Budget 2021: the mayoress of Montreal promises respite for citizens and businesses

The budget of the City of Montreal, which will be presented on Thursday, will give “a respite to citizens and businesses,” assured the office of mayor Valérie Plante, the day after a Léger survey which places economic recovery at the top of the priorities of Montreal voters.

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On Wednesday morning, Mayor Plante promised to present “a budget that is connected to today’s reality”, in reference to the second wave of the pandemic.

“We really wanted to have a budget that we believe will come to comfort people, a bit like the tax freeze we have [annoncé] earlier this month, but looking to the future, ”said Plante, referring to the economic recovery.

60% of Montrealers want a team change for mayor in the next general election, according to a Léger poll published Wednesday in the pages of the “Journal de Montreal”. More than half (51%) of people surveyed online between October 31 and November 4 said they were dissatisfied with the work done by the current mayor Valérie Plante.

The revival of economic activity topped the list of issues that will have the most influence on the voting intentions of respondents, with nearly a quarter of them (23%) opting for this response.

“The population asked us to adapt to the fluctuating reality of the pandemic. This is why we have made several adjustments to respond to the concerns expressed and we continue to do so, ”the mayor’s office indicated in writing, in reaction to the results of the survey.

“We are more dedicated than ever to helping Montrealers get through this crisis. Tomorrow we will present a budget that is connected to current reality and that lays the foundation for economic recovery. A budget that will give citizens and businesses a break. And when the pandemic is behind us, we will be ready for the rest, ”added the cabinet.

According to a report produced by the “24 Heures”, the Plante administration has so far achieved 58% of its promises in four sectors that it considers to be priorities, namely housing, transport, the environment and the economy.

Almost 20% of the 36 promises analyzed have not yet been fulfilled after three years in power. The others are in progress. While several commitments of Projet Montréal’s 2017 election platform were kept in transportation, progress has been less in terms of housing.


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