Transmission problem at Cadillac: do I have any recourse?

Transmission problem at Cadillac: do I have any recourse?

Three weeks ago I got a brand new Cadillac XT4. After a week, the transmission failed. The vehicle has been in the garage for two weeks now and I am told the part is out of stock. Needless to say, I’m already starting to hate my new purchase. Am I entitled to compensation in such a case?


Hello Stéphane,

This is a situation which, indeed, is rather annoying. Especially since the transmission of this vehicle is common and used on several other products of the brand. Obviously, the dealer will have the obligation to replace the defective part under warranty and to provide you with a replacement vehicle while waiting for you to travel. However, the latter is not required by law to compensate you in such a context. You could not, for example, decide to give back the keys to the vehicle and say that you no longer want them.

This increasingly frequent type of situation usually arises in connection with new models for which dealers do not keep parts in stock. And since the latter often reduce their inventory so as not to have to bear too great a financial burden, this more often gives rise to situations like yours.

After two weeks of waiting, I personally believe that it is premature to speak of an unreasonable delay. However, if the situation persists, you could at this time file a complaint with Cadillac customer service, especially if you have the impression of a lack of cooperation from the dealership.

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