Salary advance to Olymel employees who must self-isolate while awaiting the test result

Olymel employees at Vallée-Jonction allegedly failed to report symptoms of the coronavirus before entering work, which prompted the company to give, from now on, a salary advance to its workers who must isolate themselves while awaiting the result of a test.

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This measure is part of an action plan put forward by Olymel to overcome the coronavirus outbreak at its Beauceronne pig slaughter and cutting plant, where 114 workers were diagnosed positively in Wednesday, four more than the day before.

“Public Health has informed us that there are people […] who, like in other companies and organizations elsewhere, were not reporting their symptoms. Most do, but Public Health told us that one of the explanations for (sic) the outbreak could be that, ”said Richard Vigneault, spokesperson for Olymel.

A hypothesis “

Asked about the impact that this may have had on the outbreak, Mr. Vigneault preferred to speak of a “hypothesis”.

It should be noted that the workers placed in isolation after having received confirmation of their diagnosis already had salary insurance.

“This is a measure which, in our opinion and in the opinion of Public Health, will encourage the declaration of symptoms and then the initiative to go for testing, and Olymel will pay for these tests. “

Massive screening has taken 581 employees since last Friday. This operation is now complete.

On Wednesday evening, the company was however awaiting certain results, and the balance sheet could therefore grow further. Screening will continue, but in a more targeted manner, in sectors deemed to be more at risk.

Concerned union

Recall that a 65-year-old employee died last week just a few hours after learning he had COVID-19.

However, the exact cause of his death is not known.

Concerned by the situation, the president of the Olymel workers’ union in Vallée-Jonction, Martin Maurice, still advocates a closure of the plant for two weeks, to which the company closed the door again on Wednesday.

“We no longer want to have sick people and we want the world to stop becoming infected,” claims Mr. Maurice.

– With the collaboration of Martin Lavoie

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