Volvo Valet: a new service in the age of distancing

Volvo Valet: a new service in the age of distancing

With COVID-19 bringing its share of health measures and disrupting all our habits, car dealerships like many other companies must adjust. The last example is Volvo Canada with its valet service.

More specifically, it is a mobile application intended for owners and renters of Volvo vehicles who want to take care of maintenance without having to travel.

How it works? It’s simple. Via the said app for iOS and Android devices, it is enough to schedule an appointment with a Volvo dealer. An employee of the latter will come and collect your vehicle at the location of your choice (at home, at the office, etc.) and at a time that suits you.

Volvo specifies that the keys are handed over while respecting social distancing. Once the vehicle arrives at the garage, you will receive a notification on your phone. Ditto when it is ready to be returned. At all times, thanks to the application, you will be able to know exactly where your vehicle is located, a bit like with services of the Uber type.

Volvo’s valet service had already been piloted for several months and the company says it is confident that it will be able to effectively meet the needs of its customers across the country.

Remember that there are similar services at other car brands, for example Genesis and Lincoln.

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