Tectonic plates have moved in Rome

The good Pope Francis made an extraordinary statement indicating that he recognizes same-sex civil unions. This must have moved the tectonic plates that support St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and caused a tsunami that spread across the planet. However with the worrying and inevitable rise in COVID-19 cases all over the world, where so many people are grappling with dire consequences, it seems like the reaction is overdue like a boomerang, perhaps?

Many people feel abandoned by the Catholic Church for a long time. The churches are empty and the faithful have dropped out, because in this worship they no longer find the comfort and the understanding they need, the source to drink when they are thirsty, the fallible love of their person and the understanding that we are. all sinners on our way to Dallas looking for a guide, a word of compassion, a light to support and encourage us.

It is obvious that the closure of the Church on homosexuality, particularly supported by the previous popes, followed all the more the rigidity, in our contemporary time, on all that touches the reality of a large part of humanity, be it divorce, contraception, the celibacy of priests and the inability of this ancient institution to recognize the equality of women and their sacred right over their bodies.

One may wonder if this did not help to hide the criminal horror of pedophile priests, who were moved from one parish to another and who continued to abuse children and destroy so many lives.

Research shows that pedophilia is innate, that we have not found a way to cure it, but that we are trying to control it since all pedophiles are not condemned to become aggressors. We can only be indignant and denounce that the Catholic Church was a protected and happy shelter for the priests who committed these criminal acts against children.

A shame for this institution supposed to make the light of God shine on this earth as in the heavens. She needs to do a great examination of conscience and to debunk the certainties which facilitated these criminal abuses. There are, however, some encouraging signs in this horrible darkness. The Pope has just appointed 13 new cardinals, including the first black American archbishop, Wilton Gregory, of Washington.

This new cardinal marked a turning point when he replaced his predecessors, Cardinals Theodore McCarrick and Donald Wuerl, both involved in the American Church’s sexual abuse crisis involving 300 predatory priests and more than a thousand minors. , some less than 10 years old, over a period of 70 years. The Pope took away from the first his title of cardinal and priest while the second left his post.

A great challenge for the Catholic Church has always been to reconcile soul and body. In fact, the body is more often seen as the source of sins, but difficult to be human, to be a believer, without body, without need, without weakness, without fault.

As we often see everything exists in opposition to maintain a vital balance for all things, all people: good and evil, day and night, joy and sadness or yin and yang, as philosophy teaches Chinese.

When will it be possible for priests to marry, to live part of their humanity in full light?

When will it be possible for women to become priests?

It seems to me that these questions have been debated for over half a century. I believe that if the Catholic institution cannot make this essential turn, it will miss the boat.

If the Church is not able to open Christendom to these two conditions alone, well it will fall like anything else which becomes obsolete and which is no longer respected.

Reform, adapt, change or die, that is the question.

Lucie LeBouthillier


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