Marc Bergevin: already the CEO of the year!

I do not know what Marc Bergevin added to his hunting chart as you read his lines. Maybe he signed another free agent or acquired Patrik Laine from the Winnipeg Jets? Maybe he found the COVID vaccine protocol or even turned water into wine altogether? One thing is certain, at the time of this writing, the Canadiens hockey boss already has a serious option for the title of general manager of the year in the national league.

Did Bergevin find the time to do some dumbbells since the elimination of his team? I doubt…

Boldly endorsed by his boss Geoff Molson who approved for a month financial commitments of more than 139 million, the CH is a ray of sunshine that pierces the clouds that hover above the NHL.


Owners everywhere are nervous and cautious. Not Geoff Molson who understood that only a competitive and exciting club could fill the many seats at the Bell Center during the post-COVID recovery.

Bergevin capitalizes on his opponents’ reluctance, and the Canadian, failing to be a contender to win the next Stanley Cup, is clearly the most improved team to date in the Eastern Conference. .

Jake Allen will give 25 good starts in net, enough to spare Carey Price for the real season. Joel Edmundson is a stabilizing element of a defense that is too often approximate in its primary mission: to protect its territory.

Josh Anderson will attack the opposing net with foam on his lips. Like Brendan Gallagher, but with a more suitable physique for the job. We will no longer molest the talents of the CH without paying a high price.

The offensive flair of Tyler Toffoli, who picked the Canadiens, is likely to bring the team back to the top 15 in the NHL on the power play. If this had been the case last season, the CH would have secured its place in the playoffs by itself and not “thanks” to the pandemic. I like the idea of ​​Nick Suzuki spotting Toffoli as Elias Pettersson skillfully fueled him in Vancouver late in the season.

The $ 6.5M granted annually to Brendan Gallagher is appalling. But the pact ends at six seasons.

Good recipe

The Lightning and the Leafs remain more talented teams than the Canadiens. But the recipe that Marc Bergevin concocts makes CH a club now very difficult to face. If the esprit de corps develops between the current group of leaders and the newcomers, Montreal will once again live to the rhythm of Sainte-Flanelle.

All the pressure is now on Claude Julien. The coach no longer has a choice, he must allow the show … and win!

Stroke of heart

For a second week in a row, Marc Bergevin! It was already great, now he makes sure that Brendan Gallagher will be mentally ready at the start of the next training camp. To let the diminutive number 11 play the last year of his contract with Toffoli and Anderson full of aces at his side would have been risky. The DG kept his word and settled the matter.

Shot mouth

Kelly McCrimmon, general manager of the Vegas Knights. News has been pissing around about the maddening roster of players that have been offered to other teams to get the Knights into compliance with the salary cap. Then, the paper from colleague Chaumont in his pages about Marc-André Fleury confirms: McCrimmon has few considerations for his players, which will eventually catch up with him.

A little 2 on …

Cancellation at least for the rest of the year 2020 of the QMJHL calendar. Gilles Courteau and his committees have worked well in the hope of having a semblance of a normal season, but the multiple outbreaks expose the circuit to reprimands that could even have compromised the aid of 1 million per team that the Legault government has granted. Money talk …

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