“La Voix”: a very feminine final

This is a first in the Quebec history of “La Voix”: the four finalists who compete for the big title are female artists. And all agree to say that none lack talent, daring and guts. Which one will walk away with the crown, the album contract and the $ 50,000 purse?

Here is a portrait of the four aspirants who will sing for victory this Sunday, at 7 p.m., at TVA. For the occasion, Paul Piché, Half Moon Run, 2Frères, the SOMM collective (Ariane Moffatt, DRMS ​​and Mike Clay), Tyler Shaw, alumni of “La Voix” such as Geneviève Jodoin, Ludovick Bourgeois, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Matt Holubowski, Matt Lang and Sydney (from “La Voix Junior”), as well as musical director David Laflèche, who will be exhibiting his singing skills for a rare time, will be on hand to offer exploding numbers. And the public will have the last word on the choice of the most beautiful voice …

Suzie Villeneuve

Garou team finalist

It’s even better the second time around for Suzie Villeneuve. The uncertain 19-year-old who participated yesterday (2003) in “Star Académie”, become an artist in full possession of her means, confirms, at 37, the adage that nothing happens for nothing.

“The way I enjoy the whole experience is on a whole new level,” Suzie explains confidently. I am fortunate to have had two experiences of big TV sets, surrounded by effects, musicians … There aren’t many in Quebec. I see this opportunity differently today. I fully savor and appreciate everything that is happening. ”

The representative of the Garou clan promises “a big” show “” to viewers for the final on Sunday.

“We will still have a lot of fun. I am often told that the experience of “La Voix” is exceptional, and it is true that it is. It’s going fast, fast, fast! We work a lot, all week, to create the Sunday show. I feel privileged to have had the courage to say yes, to accept to pass the auditions and to live the experience at my age, with my background and my desire to sing again ”, describes the one who already writes songs. with a view to a possible album, and which is preparing a virtual conference-show entitled “From head to heart” for the beginning of 2021.

Word from his coach

Friend (and even once a poker opponent) of Suzie, Garou says he is still fascinated by her talent, and surprised that she has joined his team. He remembers having recorded with her and her twin sister Annie the piece “Sugar and Salt”, engraved on his second album (“Reviens”, 2003).

“Many tell me it’s unfair, that Suzie already has so much of a job, but it’s not true,” he insists. Suzie hadn’t really tamed the show business “monster”; she had even fled from him. Not out of fear, but out of authenticity, and for plenty of reasons. Today, she doesn’t steal anyone’s place. It’s one of the greatest voices I’ve heard in my life, and I weigh my words. She is completely mind blowing. She has both control and great fragility in her voice. Now, I feel her serene and well in what she is going through. It was a wonderful artistic reunion. ”

Josiane Comeau

Finalist of the Cœur de pirate team

Josiane Comeau, who recently celebrated her 19th birthday, is still struggling to realize that she could take top honors on Sunday. For now, she is very excited to still be in the contest.

“It’s a girls final. So, “girl power”! ”, Launches the participant with her charming New Bruswick accent, who lives completely the opposite course of last year.

Because, in 2019, the teenager had seen her father, Jacques, go through the adventure “The Voice” until the semi-final, under the sponsorship of Eric Lapointe, while she herself had been cut off from the blind auditions stage. This year, when she tried her luck again, only Béatrice Martin’s chair turned at the sound of her voice, at the start of the season.

“Honestly, I never thought I’d get this far. Every step of the way, I saw the world go, and it did something to me. But these are so crazy emotions, a real roller coaster! Having such experiences at my age allows me to grow and know who I am. I work on myself and love it. It’s incredible! ”Josiane enthuses.

So here she is in the final, with the strong 87% score that the public gave her after her performance last week, when she performed “The ballad of Jean Batailleur” by Zachary Richard. No, it is not because this piece had previously brought good luck to her fellow Acadian Wilfred LeBouthillier at “Star Académie” in 2003 that she set her sights on this song; it is rather his coach who suggested that he bet on this title. Josiane was even reluctant to rub shoulders with it, but Cœur de pirate gave her confidence.

“Cœur de pirate is an artist who is so true, who has so much to give. Our worlds got mixed up, and thanks to her, I refocused. Before, I was always “too much” or “not enough”; now, I find the happy medium, whether it is in the interpretation or the vocal demonstration. “

Word from his coach

A fairy tale”. This is how Cœur de pirate describes the journey of its protégé, Josiane Comeau. “She has experienced real progress, she is very proud of her, and I am too. His voice has “taken a tick” from confinement. She has matured a lot, and that has helped her. She is ready for this kind of career. ”

Having herself started in the profession at the tender age of 18, Cœur de pirate feels a lot of affection towards her candidate, in whom she wishes to “continue to be herself” and to “believe. in its own capacity ”.

“Me, I’m glad someone gave me a chance at that time. Josiane is young, but she is capable! ”

Michaela Cahill

Finalist of the Marc Dupré team

Michaela Cahill sings every day and carefully warms up her voice before a live performance. But, at “La Voix”, the resident of Fort-Coulonge, in the Outaouais, assimilated another crucial element, the importance of which she had minimized until then: pleasure.

“I learned how to put on a good ‘show’, to be true to myself and to have a lot of fun in what I do,” lists the young mother of 7 and 4 year old girls. It doesn’t always have to be heartbreaking, to be hard work; you also have to have fun. And it’s successful, because I’m still here … I had never looked at myself through a camera before. When you’re too serious, it shows. “

She, who has been singing since the age of seven or eight, has been supported, she says, by “the best coach”, a “good person” who helps her “with everything”.

“’The Voice’ inspired me a lot. I met a lot of people, really good artists, who opened up a lot of horizons to me. I stayed very close to all the members of my team ”, explains the one who intended to“ work hard and try to get some sleep ”before the big day of the final.

Word from his coach

Marc Dupré, coach of Michaela Cahill, presents the latter as an intense artist, “super talented”, charismatic, with impressive vocal abilities, and who “sings for the right reasons”. Marc is moved by the fact that, already established in life, mother of two children, Michaela has nevertheless chosen to take up the challenge of “La Voix”, and insists on all the steps that she had to take to reach the thread. arrival.

“I sent her to Battle Songs, and she won. At the Duels, she did not know at all the song (“The world is stone”, editor’s note) that she was to perform with Elyzabeth Diaga. She was also unfamiliar with “Each Other”, which she sang in the semifinals. Michaela worked really hard, and it’s a profession of work, not just talent. It would have been easy for her to stay in her comfort zone and only do songs that she knew, in the English country register, but we tried different things. I am proud of her. ”

Flora Stein

Finalist of the Pierre Lapointe team

Flora Stein, who played it all for the sake of revisiting Dalida’s “Dying on Stage” last week, says she is filled with gratitude at the simple idea of ​​being able to simply step onto the stage of “The Voice” one last time, this Sunday.

“This evening seemed inaccessible,” she raves. I was already amazed to think I was going to make the semi-final; so to make it to the final … It’s hard to find the right word to express how grateful I am to the public for voting for me. “

“I want to have fun in the final,” continues the graduate in musical theater. I will give all I have left of energy! In my eyes, I have already reached the end. Even if I don’t win, I won’t be sad. I have already gained so much by participating in “La Voix”! ”

A singer-songwriter, Flora is already working on mixing her own material and plans to go “busker” (play music in the streets) to Europe when the social context allows.

“It’s a dream I’ve had for a long time now. I started doing it in Montreal this summer, on Mont-Royal Avenue, and I loved it! This is one of my aspirations. It can pay off a lot, but I mostly want to do it for dating. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of artist I want to be, during confinement. What I want to bring out, the values ​​I want to maintain, the people with whom I want to associate … It’s important, ”says Flora.

Word from his coach

Pierre Lapointe admires the professionalism of Flora Stein and her reflections on the profession of singer-songwriter.

“I had felt it, but I especially saw it when she sang Dalida in rehearsal. For me, this is a great strength. She is an extremely sympathetic, kind, generous, attentive girl, ”he says.

Flora has not been the most flamboyant candidate this season, some said they were surprised to see her sneak up to the final. To which Pierre replies that at “La Voix”, anything can happen and everyone can win.

“I’m used to seeing surprises after four editions as a coach. For me, that’s the magic of this concept. When people ask me if I know who is going to win, I tell them that they don’t understand how “fixed with the view guy” this is. Me, I leave with the idea that everyone can make it to the final, from the start. ”


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