Videos of the gathering analyzed

Police took videos of the illegal gathering of 1,000 people in the Orthodox Jewish community of Boisbriand on Saturday evening and are trying to determine if further tickets of $ 1,546 will be issued.

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The Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse – De Blainville said yesterday that its investigation could take “a few more days”.

Our Bureau of Investigation was also successful in obtaining images of Saturday’s rally on the North Shore of Montreal. The video was filmed by a witness at around 8 p.m. while the police were there.

According to a video taken by a witness, several members of the Tosh community wore masks during the Saturday night rally in Boisbriand.

Screen capture, courtesy

According to a video taken by a witness, several members of the Tosh community wore masks during the Saturday night rally in Boisbriand.

At that time, Public Health had not yet issued an order to stop the religious ceremony.

Several members of the ultra-Orthodox community can be seen in the images entering and leaving the synagogue, visibly a little nervous due to the presence of the police.

While the latter had said Tuesday that few face coverings were visible during the event, the video reveals that several people were however masked. However, physical distancing seemed less respected.

Following the police intervention, one person was arrested for assaulting an officer and 16 tickets (nearly $ 25,000 in total) were issued under the Public Health Act.

Meetings are limited to 25 people in places of worship in the red zone.

An exception

The Interreligious Concertation Table, at which the National Director of Public Health, Dr.r Horacio Arruda, called on Saturday to join the Tosh community, strongly condemns this gathering.

According to the organization, which notably represents leaders of the Catholic Church, mosques and the Hasidic Jewish Council, this is an exception. Moreover, in early October, Public Health reportedly confirmed to the organization that no place of worship has participated in the spread of COVID-19 to date.

“The Hasidic Jewish Council is unanimous with us in condemning Boisbriand’s actions. This is unacceptable. It puts the life and health of members of our communities in danger, as well as that of those who live around these communities, ”says spokesperson Monsignor Pierre Murray.

In Montreal too

It is not only on the North Shore where regrouping is a problem.

The Montreal Police Department confirms that it intervened on Tuesday evening to disperse a hundred people gathered in the Outremont district. No statement of offense was given.

The Tosh community declined our interview request.

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