The reverse voice makes a breakthrough

A new vocal competition from Germany overturns a concept well known to Quebecers. In FameMaker, coaches need to recruit candidates they see but don’t hear.

Broadcast for over a month on ProSieben, a popular German channel, this reality show is reminiscent of La Voix in several respects: the container side (decor, lighting) and the content side (panel of judges, teams that must be formed). But instead of offering a round of blind auditions, FameMaker offers silent auditions.

A soundproof bell

There are several excerpts from the show on YouTube. We can see aspiring singers pushing the note in front of three industry professionals. They hear nothing since the participants run under a huge glass bell that blocks all sounds. They have to decide whether they want to recruit them – or not – by examining their appearance, the way they move, their stage presence.

The reverse voice makes a breakthrough

Screenshot – YouTube

The viewer does not hear anything either … until the famous soundproof bell is lifted, usually after a minute of performance. Therefore, we can measure the vocal talent of the participant.

Sometimes the surprise is beautiful. Other times, the disappointment is great … like the unease.


FameMaker obviously creates particularly entertaining TV moments. Just to see the faces of the judges when they realize they’ve drafted a nullity, this show deserves our feet.

But to discover real talents, we will come back. No serious singer would try to break through by participating in FameMaker. Of all the auditions we watched, only one was worth a pass. And to make matters worse, the participant did not get it since none of the judges activated her lever to move her to the next round.

In music

FameMasker sparked strong reactions this week at MIPCOM in Cannes, this major annual TV fair that took place entirely virtually due to the coronavirus. According to the research office The Wit, this is one of the international formats to watch in 2020.

Other vocal competitions are part of the lot, including The Star in the Star, in which stars dress up as famous singers, and leave a panel of public figures. guess which star is behind the star.

There is also I Got You Babe, in which celebrities sing a duet with puppets to which professional singers lend their voices.

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